New Kitten Essentials

Your new kitten’s veterinarian should be chosen, and first appointment scheduled within 5 days of pickup.

Your new kitten will need a comfortable place to rest. Other pets should be introduced slowly in order for your new kitten to warm up and most of all lots of love & affection!

Here are our list of supplies we use. We keep this updated with any new changes. Please take the time to read through this. 

Food & Water

  • We feed and recommend Hill’s science diet indoor kitten food.
  • Feed kitten formula of Hill’s Science for the first year.
  • A constant supply of dry cat food and fresh water should be left out for your kitten at all times throughout the day.
  • We feed our kittens a 3 ounce can of wet food once per day in the evening.
  • Food and water bowls should be either stainless steel or ceramic. Although plastic bowls are common and popular, they can cause inflammation (“feline chin acne”) in cats.
  • They love the water dishes that flow, however it is not neccesary, only a preference.


  • Probiotics should be provided to your kitten once a day for the first week or two that they come home in order to aid in the production of antibacterial substances, inhibit pathogenetic bacteria and toxins, and regulate the immune response.
  • Keep probiotics on hand in case your kitten has an upset stomach.
  • Probiotics can be purchased at,, or your local pet store.a

Litter & Litter Box

  • Please use an open litter box for the first 6 months, they are used to this.
  • You will need a scoop for the litter
  • We use any scent Naturally Fresh walnut litter
  • Add Cat Attract for the first 30 days to help them acclimate to the new litter box


  • A brush or comb (wire teeth work best)
  • Cat nail trimmers
  • Oral care products
  • A cat bed (optional- your cat will most likely like to sleep with you!)

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