Frequently Asked Questions

Thank you for visiting our FAQ page! We know you have questions and here are some that have been asked before. Hopefully they will answer yours and make your kittens homecoming a happy one. 

If you still have questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us. 

Yes, your kitten will go home with all of his/her health records that you will be able to bring with you to your veterinarian on his/her first appointment. You should be able to make an appointment with your kittens name, gender, date of birth and color. Your kitten’s health record is always being updated, it will be incomplete if supplied to you early.

Yes, our cats are tested and are negative for HCM and PKD.

Your new kitten’s veterinarian should be chosen, and first appointment scheduled within 5 days of pickup.

Your ragdoll should not be vaccinated against FIP or FeLV. Ragdolls are sensitive to these vaccines; studies have shown that malignant sarcomas can and do develop at the injection site. The risks involved in these vaccines outweigh the benefits in an indoor only ragdoll. Your ragdoll is from FeLV/FIV free breeding stock, and is an indoor only cat, it is impossible for your ragdoll to contract these virus’ indoors, and therefore, vaccinating is pointless. The effectiveness of the FIP vaccine is controversial. Many researchers and veterinarians believe that it can create enough stress on the immune system to cause the disease.

We have put together a page called, “New Kitten Essentials” recommending the type of food, litter, how many litter boxes, the feeding and care of your kitten – we will keep this updated, please check the New Kitten Essentials page periodically.

No, just bring a smile, your new kitten will go home with a cat carrier that you will need to transport your kitten. We’ll also send your kitten home with food, toys and healthy snacks. 

Sorry, we do not ship our kittens, we do however, partner with a reputable courier who can hand deliver your kitten, please contact us for more information if interested.